DJJ - A love affair with crystals

Posted on 23 November 2016

Dara Jane Jewellery - Website launch

Since my twenties, I have been designing my own jewellery; working with a gold smith or having someone make my stone necklaces. When I was a little girl, my father used to have various crystals and minerals on his desk, which intrigued me, making me want to touch them, find out why he had them and what they were good for. When someone introduced me to the Montreal Gem and Mineral Show, I was in Heaven. That began my love affair with crystals to the point I spent years studying crystal therapy and all their healing applications.

For me, creating beautiful and unique necklaces and bracelets is a passion. I simply love it. I see the stones and an idea pops into my head on how to show them off to their greatest beauty.

Creating the Crystal Directory section of my website,, has brought back a deeper awareness of the magic qualities each crystal has and how just wearing the jewellery can benefit us in so many ways.

Now that my website is almost completed, my excitement mounts, as I can finally bring beautiful, unique creations to the women who want them.

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