Crystals in Jewellery

A crystal is formed when water combines with an array of elements, under certain conditions of pressure, temperature and energy. The minerals create the various colours, but a crystal is defined by its internal structure; an orderly, repeating atomic lattice that is unique. For example, Silicon, as sand, combines with water to become quartz crystal. The internal structure of a crystal is constant and unchanging, built from geometric forms. The special structure of a crystal lets it absorb, strengthen and transmit electromagnetic energy that can heal and energize. Because crystals are fossilized water, water being the source of all life; this gives them a more unified and ordered makeup. Quartz amplifies, transforms, stores, focuses and transfers energy (ex. audio equipment, TV signals, watches, , microcircuits, lasers).

The Crystal Directory of this section should bring a deeper awareness of the magic qualities each crystal has and how just wearing the jewellery can benefit us in so many ways.

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