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Dara Jane Loomis

I have loved crystals and jewellery all my life. As a little girl, my father had a collection of minerals and crystals on his writing desk. Intrigued by glistening scrolls embedded in the rock, I  interrupted him to ask;  what are these? why did he have them? and what they were used for? On the flip side, I only had my silver charm bracelet, so vowed at a very early age, I would have lots and lots of jewellery.

I was introduced to my first Gem and Mineral Show in Montreal  over 30 years ago and fell in love with crystals. I studied Crystal Therapy, gathering a vast collection wands, prisms, clusters, balls, and spheres. I even taught courses in Crystal Consciousness for 3 years. Working in the fashion business, I met a gold manufacturer in my twenties and began designing my own rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

After retiring from Real Estate, I wondered what I could do, so asked myself, what do I love? The answer was fast and simple, jewellery, especially semi-precious stones. Looking for beautiful pieces in fashion colours, I was constantly disappointed. I wanted to create something striking, unique, beautiful, with lasting quality, at an affordable price. That is how Dara Jane Jewellery came into being. Lots of love & care goes into each necklace because I only design what I would wear;  whether a single strand choker, chunky, fabulous stones to create a stir or elegant pearls with sterling or gold-filled decorative balls and clasps.

Wearing crystals makes me feel good. Everything real has a vibration all its own and knowing this, my necklaces are not only something of value, beautiful and unique but become part of their owner, sharing their inner beauty overtime they are worn. My friend, Carol laughs saying, Dara make necklaces and half she keeps for herself. It is not that bad, but knowing someone I have never met will be ever so happier wearing something I love gives me as much pleasure as wearing it myself.

Dara Jane Loomis

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